William H Gates School of Law

Schools: William H Gates School of Law

Total classroom media control and management were the primary goals in mind of the University of Washington when they envisioned technology for their new law school. High resolution, large format NEC projectors, and a wide variety of modern media sources populate classrooms, courtrooms, and learning centers throughout the building. All rooms are tied together utilizing Crestron eControl, to allow users fingertip access to any media or even video conferencing from touch screens or from the IP network. This system is truly “Total Control” taken to the highest level.

Dimensional integrated a state-of the-art voice, data and video system that connected computer and telecommunications technology along with “smart podiums” with built-in touch screens, Internet access and video-conferencing systems. This project also featured a backbone network with hard-wired ports, as well as a farreaching wireless network, that will permit Internet access from virtually anywhere in the building, and even outside on the terrace.