Steve Olszewksi

Vice President

"Quality, the best possible solutions, attention to detail and customer satisfaction. These are the driving forces behind my 30 plus years in the communications and audio-visual systems industry, all of them well spent at Dimensional Communications. My role at Dimensional started with a sales position for custom home sound and video systems and has continually grown and changed along with the success of the company.

Today, Dimensional provides systems and services to thousands of customers in the Northwest and beyond. We are also a world-recognized manufacturer of invisible speaker products through our Stealth Acoustics division. Being part of the great and professional DCI team that daily serves the needs of our customers allows me to focus on growth and market development. As new technologies and opportunities come over the horizon, my job has been to learn about them and then help provide a forward looking vision to incorporate appropriate technology into our systems, services and processes.

I think we have done well and we will always strive to do better, for our customers and our team. "