Project portfolio: Qwest Field

Engineered Audio/Video: CenturyLink Field

The pride and joy of our city of Seattle, CenturyLink Field, is the home of the Super Bowl XLVIII Champions Seattle Seahawks. This project was a challenging and exciting opportunity for Dimensional to showcases its audio/visual capabilities on a grand scale.

Dimensional installed an A/V system with over 300,000 watts of audio power driving an impressive array of distributed speakers. Individual room control systems include AMX controllers, Motorola, Phillips and Sony products.

Dimensional performed this project on two fronts: In-house fabrication and field installation. In-House fabrication included the assembly and testing of the dozens of rack audio/visual components to be delivered on-site. In the field technicians mounted, wired, and integrated the stadium’s massive speaker system while also installing the individual room systems. The sheer size and volume of this project left no room for error.

Qwest Tech sets up The speakers for Qwest More shots of the mass of wiring for the Qwest project